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Check Optimize, Analyze and Repair tables in database.

If you are experiencing in error/warning in particular mysql table in a database or specific table is corrupted the perform the below command to check and repair the table.

#mysqlcheck -c databasename tablename -u root -p

To check all tables in database.

#mysqlcheck -c databasename -u root -p

To Analyze Tables

#mysqlcheck -a databasename -u root -p

To optimize

#mysqlcheck -o databasename -u root -p

To repair table:

#mysqlcheck -r databasename tablename -u root -p

To checks, optimizes and repairs all the corrupted table in database.

#mysqlcheck -u root -p –auto-repair -c -o databasename

To check, optimize and repair all the tables across all your databases.

#mysqlcheck -u root -p –auto-repair -c -o –all-databases

If you want to show debug info while checking the table.

# mysqlcheck –debug-info -u root -p –auto-repair -c -o databasename tablename


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