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install apache solr on centos and ubuntu

Apache solr is AN open supply enterprise look stage, that consists in Java, from the Apache Lucene extend. Its real components incorporate full-content inquiry, hit highlight, faceted hunt, continuous ordering, dynamic bunching, info combination, NoSQL features[1] and wealthy record (e.g., Word, PDF) taking care of. Giving seized pursuit...
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Performance Monitoring using Net-SNMP

SNMP stand Simple Network Management Protocol is INTERNET protocol, SNMP widely used for managing and monitoring networking devices on IP address and collecting information from hardware devices such as router, system, switches, firewall, printers. Simple Network Management Protocol is application layer protocol. Today most of enterprises networking devices...
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How to enable/disable apache modules in Ubuntu

You can enable or disable any apache module in Ubuntu using a2enmod and a2dismod, Not need to edit configuration file. Run the following command from root user To enable/disable a module: #a2enmod module_name #a2dismod module_name To enable modules #a2enmod expires #a2enmod headers #a2enmod rewrite #a2enmod mod-security #/etc/init.d/apache2 restart...
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