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How to install XenServer Tools

XenServer Tools provides high performance Windows drivers and a management agent, attractive disk and network performance for XenServer VMs. XenServer Tools must be installed for each virtual machine (Windows and Linux) in order to be able to use the xe CLI (command line interface) or XenCenter, and virtual...
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How to configure a NFS server on xenserver

If you want to configure a NFS server on your xenserver host, so that other servers can mount a NFS share exported by the XenServer host. The NFS server already installed on newly installed XenServer, due this not need to install NFS server on Xen, and just need...
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How to upload Xen Server updates

This article will guide you that How to upload Xen Server updates, So read carefully and follow the mentioned steps to upload Xen Server updates. Download the Xen-server Updates using following command. #wget http://downloadns.citrix.com.edgesuite.net/akdlm/8737/XS62ESP1002.zip To upload the update archive to the pool database execute the following command #...
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The bootloader for this VM returned an error on Xenserver

If you are getting error as “The bootloader for this VM returned an error” The issue generally occurs when booting sequence is not set. You can verify the booting order by following command. #xe vm-param-list uuid=a1e31ab1-964b-0426-9667-5b6c37b35431 | grep HVM-boot HVM-boot-policy ( RW): HVM-boot-params (MRW): The above output display...
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