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Install and configure LDAP server on Centos and RHEL

OpenLDAP is a free open-source LDAP convention. LDAP remains for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. A LDAP server essentially is a non-social database which is upgraded for getting to, however not composing, information. It is principally utilized as a location book (for e.g. email customers) or validation backend to...
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Setup and Configured FirewallD Rules To Make Linux Servers Secure

The RHEL7 has introduce new security module/aplication/daemon for managing and support network/interface zone with named Firewalld. Firewalld replaces the iptables interface and it is compatible with both IPV version ipv4 and ipv6 and it’s related firewall settings. firewalld provides facility to configure firewall rules dynamically on linux system...
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Postfix load balancing and High Availability with HaProxy

HAProxy is a absolutely price less open source high availability and load balancing solution for application layer protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, MYSQL etc…. HAProxy provides fast, reliable, stable high availability and load balacing solution for small, medium and enterprises organizations. It is very useful for high volume...
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Performance Monitoring using Net-SNMP

SNMP stand Simple Network Management Protocol is INTERNET protocol, SNMP widely used for managing and monitoring networking devices on IP address and collecting information from hardware devices such as router, system, switches, firewall, printers. Simple Network Management Protocol is application layer protocol. Today most of enterprises networking devices...
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Examples of SFTP command to transfer files on linux system

SSH File Transfer Protocol also known as Secure File Transfer Protocol, or SFTP, it is a internet network protocol for managing the files and directories from remote location. SFTP allows users to file transfer, file access and file management utilities over the linux servers. It was developed by...
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