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Performance Monitoring using Net-SNMP

SNMP stand Simple Network Management Protocol is INTERNET protocol, SNMP widely used for managing and monitoring networking devices on IP address and collecting information from hardware devices such as router, system, switches, firewall, printers. Simple Network Management Protocol is application layer protocol. Today most of enterprises networking devices and components pre installed with SNMP agent. The SNMP agent must be configured to communicate with network management system. Simple Network Management Protocol defines that how to communicate SNMP capable devices.

SNMP includes several components as given below.

SNMP Manager
SNMP Agent
SNMP devices.

SNMP manager is isolated entity and it’s initial duty is to make communication with the SNMP agent and network devices.

SNMP Agent is a tool that permits to fetch and collect the information from SNMP capable devices and provide the database to SNMP manager.
this article will describe you Performance Monitoring using Net-SNMP and how to install and configure SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) on linux server such as Ubuntu, Centos, Fedora, Redhat Enterprises Linux.

Note :: Here we will also install additional package snmp-mibs-downloader which have several proprietary information about standard MIBs which permit us to access most of the MIB tree through name:

To install snmp on linux Ubuntu execute the following commands

[root@linuxpcfix~]sudo apt-get update
[root@linuxpcfix~]sudo apt-get install snmp snmp-mibs-downloader
[root@linuxpcfix~]sudo apt-get install snmpd

If you would to install SNMP on Centos, Red Hat Enterprises Linux, Fedora then perform the following command in command line interface from root user.

[root@linuxpcfix~]yum install net-snmp-utils net-snmp

To configure the SNMP agent open and edit the default configuration file /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf according your requirement.

[root@linuxpcfix~]#vi /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf

Here are the basic configuration example.

rocommunity your_community_name xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
rocommunity your_community_nam
syslocation “raj, india DataCenter”

syscontact user@linuxpcfix.com
Start, Restart, Stop SNMP service perform the below commands.

[root@linuxpcfix~]#service snmpd restart
[root@linuxpcfix~]#service snmpd restart
[root@linuxpcfix~]#service snmpd stop
[root@linuxpcfix~]#chkconfig snmpd on

Finally SNMP is one of the most useful and widely used for IT infrastructure performance monitoring and managing devices.


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