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Install VNSTAT Bandwidth Monitoring Tool on Linux.

VNStat is a console-based network traffic monitor for Linux that keeps a log of network traffic for the nework interfaces. It uses the network interface statistics provided by the kernel as information source.

Install VNSTAT Bandwidth Monitoring Tool on Linux.
To Install vnstat on ubantu

#apt-get install vnstat

To Install vnstat on Centos

#yum install vnstat

To start monitoring eth0, do the following

# vnstat -u -i eth0

Note: If you recently installed the vnStat, it will show the message as “eth0: Not sufficient data available still now.”. Wait for couple of hours after that try again.

Use vnstat –d for network traffic by day.

# vnstat –d

Use vnstat –h for hourly network traffic

#vnstat -h

User vnsta –m for monthly network traffic

# vnsta –m

Export data to excel and other database

#vnstat –dumpdb

Other use full options
vnstat –top10 :- Display Top 10 Traffic Days

# vnstat –top10

vnstat -s (–short) :- Change the default vnstat output format

#vnstat –style 0

vnstat –iflist : To view all the available interfaces on your system


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