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How to upload Xen Server updates

This article will guide you that How to upload Xen Server updates, So read carefully and follow the mentioned steps to upload Xen Server updates.
Download the Xen-server Updates using following command.

#wget http://downloadns.citrix.com.edgesuite.net/akdlm/8737/XS62ESP1002.zip

To upload the update archive to the pool database execute the following command

# unzip XS62ESP1002.zip
#xe patch-upload -s hostname -u root -pw root password file-name=XS62ESP1002.xsupdate

Once upload completed you will see the new Universal Unique ID (UUID) of the patch.
Then execute the following command to apply the patches.

#xe -s hostname -u root -pw root password patch-pool-apply uuid=297f2f77-5603-4aaf-9e56-db49512d4592

That’s it.


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