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How to install Parrallels Cloud Server

First of all install the Parrallels Cloud Server 6.0 followed by below steps.
To start the installation, do the following:
1. Configure the server to boot from the chosen media (either a DVD disc, USB drive or ISO file).
2. Insert installation media into dvd disc deive and Boot the server from media and wait for the Welcome screen:
Network Settings
Set a hostname for your server. You can specify a hostname as a fully qualified domain name (hostname.domainname) or as a short name (hostname).
On this screen, you may also need to configure your network settings for at least one network card. To do this:
1. Click the Configure Network button.
2. Select one of the network cards installed on the server.
3. Click Edit.
4. Do one of the following:
o Accept the network settings offered by the installer. View the default settings in the editing network card window, and if you are satisfied with them, click Apply; then click Close.
o Configure the network card settings. Click the necessary tabs in the editing network card window, and configure the settings to meet your demands. When you are done, click Apply; then click Close.
Click Next to continue with the installation.
Installing Parallels Virtual Automation
Choose the Parallels Virtual Automation components to install on your server. This screen is displayed only if you entered the license in one of the previous steps and your license provides support for Parallels Virtual Automation
Do as below:
• Clear the Install PVA Agent for Parallels Server and Install PVA Management Node check boxes, and click Next if you do not want to use Parallels Virtual Automation for managing your server and virtual machines and Containers.
• Leave the Install PVA Agent for Parallels Server and Install PVA Management Node check boxes selected to set up the Parallels Virtual Automation application and its components on the server. Using Parallels Virtual Automation, you can connect to the Parallels server and manage virtual machines and Containers with your favorite browser.
If you select the check boxes, you need to specify a valid IP address in the IP Address field for a special Management Node (this IP address must be accessible from the Internet) and can also set its hostname in the Hostname field. Once the installation is complete, you can log in to Parallels Virtual Automation by opening http://IP_address_or_hostname in the browser and using the root user name and the password you specified in the previous step.
When the check boxes are selected, the installer performs the following operations after you restart the server:


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