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How to create virtual machine from cli on Xenserver

This tutorial will describe how to create virtual machine on XenServer (6.2.0)
Virtual machine based on template.

#xe template-list

After selecting template, create VM:

#xe vm-install template=”CentOS 6.0 (64-bit) (prod)” new-name-label=”webserverVM”

Template Name= CentOS 6.0 (64-bit) (prod)
VM name=webserVM
Disable boot from VM hard disk:

#xe vbd-list vm-uuid=a1e91ab3-964a-0426-9667-5c6c36b35431 userdevice=0
#xe vbd-param-set uuid=a1e91ab3-964a-0426-9667-5c6c36b35431 bootable=false

Select boot disk for VM

#xe cd-list
#xe vm-cd-add vm=”webserverVM” cd-name=”centos-xx.iso” device=3
#xe vbd-list vm-name-label=”webserverVM” userdevice=3
#xe vbd-param-set uuid=a1e91ab3-964a-0426-9667-5c6c36b35431 bootable=true
#xe vm-param-set uuid=a1e91ab3-964a-0426-9667-5c6c36b35431 other-config:install-repository=cdrom

list network interface on host.

#xe network-list

add physical network interface to VM:

#xe vif-create vm-uuid=a1e91ab3-964a-0426-9667-5c6c36b35431 network-uuid=a1e91ab3-964a-0426-9667-5c6c36b35431 mac=”[new mac address]” device=0

Start VM:

#xe vm-start vm=webserverVM


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