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How to configure a NFS server on xenserver

If you want to configure a NFS server on your xenserver host, so that other servers can mount a NFS share exported by the XenServer host.
The NFS server already installed on newly installed XenServer, due this not need to install NFS server on Xen, and just need to set up NFS export. In this acticle, you will see how to set up NFS export on XenServer.

# vi /etc/exports
/export *(rw,async,no_root_squash)
# exportfs -a
# service portmap start
# service nfs start
# chkconfig portmap on
# chkconfig nfs on

Then perform the following command to confirm the exports.

# showmount -e localhost
# showmount -e (the IP address assigned to XenServer host)

If you are getting the error message as “RPC: Port mapper failure – RPC: Unable to receive” then do as following.
Open /etc/sysconfig/portmap and modify the following line.




And restart portmap and nfs service

#service portmap restart
#service nfs restard

Now problem should be fixed.


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