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Anturis monitoring plugin for WHM&cPanel

Anturis is an IT infrastructure monitoring monitoring tool for the small business that recently launched at the Parallels Summit. The basic goal is offerings a service that fits between enterprise application software and open source application. It looks like a nice service, but its critiques of open source offerings are mendacious.
The Anturis SaaS offers users to download and append a simple and basic script which monitors data across multiple constants. An user can keep tabs on various platforms , data centers and branch offices around the world. Additionally, examine the data to alert users of any expected issues from the different layers of the infrastructure and provides reports about related issues, as well as historical investigations.
Anturis provides cloud-based platform for monitoring IT infrastructure and web services such as servers and applications. It designed for both internal monitoring of IT infrastructure and external companies which offers web services.
If you running cPanel&WHM as well as plesk shared and dedicated servers and want to install on same servers for monitoring of your web services then this tutorial will guide you the complete installation process on WHM, Plesk servers. Anturis monitoring plugin provides GUI web infercace to manage the servers and related services.
To install Anturis on cPanel&WHM simply download plug-in and extract on your server followed by below steps.

[root@linuxpcfix]# wget https://anturis.com/download/anturis-whm-plugin.tar.gz
[root@linuxpcfix]# tar xvf anturis-whm-plugin.tar.gz
[root@linuxpcfix]# cd anturis-whm-plugin/
[root@linuxpcfix]# ./install-whm-plugin.sh

Once installation process gets completed you will be able to find “Anturis Monitoring” plugin under “Plugins” section in WHM console. after installation process you have to setup Anturis account to connect the server, if you don’t have any anturis account then create anturis account from the Plugin interface and log in through provided Anturis account name and password. Once connection established the plugin will offer to configure and start monitoring of the servers. It will automatically build a number of Monitors for system resources, exemplary software and control panel.

If you want to uninstall then simply execute the following command from root super user.

[root@linuxpcfix]# /opt/anturis/uninstall-whm-plugin.sh

Install on parallels plesk.

[root@linuxpcfix]# wget http://anturis.com/download/anturis-plesk-plugin.tar.gz
[root@linuxpcfix]# tar xvf anturis-plesk-plugin.tar.gz
[root@linuxpcfix]# cd anturis-plesk-plugin/

If you intersted to remove the plugin from server then run the following command from root user.

[root@linuxpcfix]# /opt/anturis/uninstall-plesk-plugin.sh


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